Metal caps capping machine semi automatic capper sealing equipment

Applicable for: Crown cap
Applicable bottle height: 60-380mm
Applicable bottle neck diameter: 16-50mm
Motor voltage: 220v(customize)
Motor power: 0.37kw
Production capacity: 1200-1500bottles/hour
Machine size: 600*210*900mm
Packing Wooden carton
Machine weight: 90kg
Adjusting Capping machine will be adjusted as your bottle and cap before shipment


This electric beer bottle Crown caps capping machine is suitable for all kinds of crown cap bottle sealed packaging, such as wine, beer, soft drinks and other beverages; Mechanical structure theory, electric operation,simple and convenient, no hurt to the bottle.

Electric beer bottle capping machine suits for: tea, fruit juice drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, mineral water, purified water, oil, pineapple beer, beer jelly, yogurt, etc.

Main function and characteristic of beer bottle capping machine

1. There is the buffer device on the adjusting holder, which can guarantee the bottle broken phenomenon no happening.
2. Bottleneck can be automatic station keeping, and capping wheel is to receive strength evenly, so the capping result is very good.
3. End socket is high pressure, so capping is never leaking.
4. This machine works stably, and the working noise is very snall.

The main technical parameters of beer bottle capping machine

Model No.YX-MC100
Applicable forCrown cap
Applicable bottle height60-380mm
Applicable bottle neck diameter16-50mm
Motor voltage220v(customize)
Motor power0.37kw
Production capacity1200-1500bottles/hour
Machine size600*210*900mm
PackingWooden carton
Machine weight90kg
AdjustingCapping machine will be adjusted as your bottle and cap before shipment

Drawing of beer wine bottles glass jars semi automatic capping machine

Final products applicable for capping from beers jars capper equipment

Above is the basic information for the beer bottles capping machine for containers with crown caps.If the wine bottles is covered with ROPP caps it should be capped and sealed with ROPP capping machine .

Wooden case packaging for semi automatic crown caps beers bottles jars capping machine


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