Drinking straw production packaging line


Efficient Drinking straw production line is such a serise of machines with extrusion& shaping, pulling, and packing process. The complete production line is composed of drinking Straw extruder, automatic dryer, automatic Elevator and straw packing machine-online.

It is suitable for packing groups drinking straw in one bag, it can work for paper straw, plastic straw, wheat straw and PLA straw.

Features of drinking straw making production packaging line:

  • 1. The plastic straw production and packaging line adopts English man-machine interface and touch screen.
  • 2. The paper straw online machine adopts high-precision photoelectric tracking system, and can also be used for printing film. The machine includes a precision counting system, which is more precise.
  • 3. A variety of raw materials are applicable. BOPP, CPP, Paper with PE, PLA.
  • 4. The gears and bearings are precision ground and hardened to ensure smooth and quiet operations.
  • 5. The die undergoes nitrogen hardening treatment for a long service time.
  • 6. The surface of cutting machine are made of #304 stainless steel.

Extrusion production line consists of extrusion main engine, cooling water tank, traction cutting device and other parts. The new extrusion production line is designed and manufactured according to the material characteristics of PLA materials. It has the advantages of full plasticization of extrusion materials, accurate temperature control, high efficiency and energy saving, etc.

Drinking straw production line

Drinking straw making extruder equipment
बिजली की आपूर्ति
Main Screw motor 380V,3 Phase,50Hz,22Kw,frequency inverter
Heater 15Kw(8Set,2sets for mold,Others 6 sets)
Main motor 380V,3 Phase,0.75Kw,Speed adjust by frequency inverter
Cutter motor 380V,3 Phase,0.75Kw,Speed adjust by frequency inverter
Cooling Cooling fan motor 6 sets Water cooling 1 set
Total Power 40Kw
Temperature controller 8Sets

Straw specification

Straw material PLA, PBS, PP, etc.

Diameter Φ2—Φ13mm

Length tolerance 0.1-1mm

Working Speed 600~1000pcs/min

Color 1 Cut angle 90°/60°/45°

Machine dimension 9m*1m*1.3m

Machine weight 1.5 Ton

Main electrical parts of automatic extruder:

Name Model Quantity
Touch screen TK6071iQ 1
PLC FP-X0 L30R 1
Servo motor HJ-KS73J 1
Relay RXM2LB2BD 7
Air switch C25/C10 1/4
Power supply ABL2REM24015H 1
Valve 1 Set
Photoelectric switch Z3N-TB22 1

Description Of Paper Straw Packing Machine

Paper Straw Packing Machine includes automatic feeding, automatic counting, back sealing, end sealing and cutting system.

This kind of paper straw wrapping machine working principle as below: Straws are well loaded in the hopper manually and are discharged in one or two ways by motorized system. The counting system counts straw, Once target quantity is finished, cylinder pusher will push straws into forming film, film will be heat sealed by back sealing system, then go to end sealing part, cut off the film.

Features Of Paper Straw Packing Machine

1. Bulk straw packing machine, which Human-Machine Interface adopt imported touch screen, language is English and Chinese, other language should be customized.

2. Bag length can be set in touch screen: for different straw length, need to change bag length, it can be done in screen, no need to change any gears or others.

3. Adopt high accuracy photocell tracking systems: this machine can use transparent film and printed film, when use printed film, turn on the function of photocell tracking system in touch screen.

4. Automatic counting function: one or two ways for feeding straws, counter is Panasonic brand from Japan, it can count odd quantity for straws, such like 25 pieces, 75pcs.

5. Bag length detect automatically: when use printed film, bag length can be detect automatically

Specifications Of Paper Straw Packing Machine

Max. film width 530mm

Packing Speed(Adjustable) 8-18 bag/min

Film thickness 0.03-0.06mm

Bag Length 90–600mm

Bag Width 80–250mm

Straw quantity 5-300pcs

Power Supply 220V, 50/60 Hz, 3.5 KW, 1 Phase

Machine Size (L x W x H) 1990 × 1400 x 1530 mm

Machine Weight 350 Kg

Configuration of multiple drinking straws packing machine:

Touch screenTK6071iQ1WenView
पीएलसीFP-X0 L30R1Panasonic
सर्वो मोटरHJ-KS73J1Panasonic
Air SwitchC25/C101Schneider
बिजली की आपूर्तिABL2REM24015H1Schneider
Photoelectric switchZ3N-TB221Schneid

Auxiliary equipments for the line:

Wooden case packaging for shipping:


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